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The NSCA Gun Insurance program offers world-wide, all-risk coverage with no waiting period and no deductible at a below market rate. It is specific, scheduled insurance – each item that you want to insure must be listed and have an insurable value placed on it. The policy provides full replacement value coverage for firearms and accessories that are still being made. Coverage is available for firearms, scopes, cases, binoculars, holsters, extra stocks and barrels, chokes, tube sets and any custom work that you have had performed on your firearms. For more information, click here. You can download an application here or apply online here. For more information, contact Sportsman's Insurance Agency at www.siai.net or at (800) 925-7767.

Determining Values

For firearms still being manufactured, the insurable value will be the MSRP. For items no longer being made, you can use your own value provided it does not exceed the 95% condition value in the Blue Book of Gun Values. Custom work, engraving, and modifications can be insured at their cost to you or at market. Appraisals, recent bills of sale and photos generally are not necessary except in the case of unusual or very expensive firearms.

Applying For Coverage

A written application is required, but your coverage can start as soon as the day after you mail, email, or fax your application, or apply online. Be sure to include a daytime phone number and email address in case we have any questions. The cost is just $1.25 per $100 of insured value for a full year of coverage. Certificates of Coverage generally are issued within three business days, but delays can occur when you do not submit a complete application. To download an application, click here.

If You Already Have NSCA Gun Insurance

If you already are a customer, you can renew online by clicking here. (To add or delete a covered item, you can download a change form here, or you can submit your changes online by clicking here.

More Information

For more information, click here, or you can find our FAQs here. If you have questions, you can email Sportsman's Insurance Agency here or call them at (800) 925-7767.